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10 bedroom designs to see and see again


We all know how important it is to be in a bedroom. It is not only an intimate and private space. It also plays a second role – to calm our minds and put us at ease so that our batteries are fully charged for the next day. Hence its decoration must be a little in our image so that we can feel calm and at peace with ourselves.

Bedroom with a sober design, interesting ceiling and wall

bedroom ceiling design original


Whether you are more “plush cushion” or epure design or a decoration worthy of the kings of yesteryear or lines specific to contemporary designers, we present you in this post ten bedrooms as different as the others. They all have the merit to be distinguished either by a small detail atypical in their decoration, or by their entire design a little off.

An original and ecological detail deco – the tree that crosses the room in height

bedroom design middle shaft


You will see the collection of bedrooms concocted by us which can easily serve as a source of inspiration. While some of us seem more exotic than others we have decided to present them considering that they are interesting to study by their furniture or lighting.

Another bedroom with exceptional views and exotic wood furniture

bedroom design exotic view

Others like the one with a nice pool are very luxurious – an excellent way to indulge in some delicious reveries.

Bedroom decoration all in varnished wood, mountain chalet atmosphere

design all-wood bedroom

Some of them have a small detail that can please: such as the room whose bed is arranged on raw wood planks. Or the room that has managed to preserve the tree that crosses it in height, making it a very original accessory deco of the room.

Exotic design for this bedroom directly on the beach

bedroom design blue sky

The elaborate ceilings, drawings and skylight-style windows throughout the exterior wall also represent inspiring ideas that deserve attention. In any case, in this small photo album, the bedrooms follow each other but are not alike.

It’s up to you to find the one that best suits your personality.

Luxurious bedroom right next to a beautiful spa-style pool

beautiful pool bedroom

A pure design decoration for this modern style bed-room – a nice mix of trendy gray walls and natural lacquered wood furniture

bedroom design wood and white

Beautiful and spacious bedroom – a marriage of raw and ultra modern

bedroom design bed plank wood

Bedroom in white and beige – evokes cleanliness and warmth from home

bedroom design white and wood


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