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10 tips for creating a rustic kitchen


Nowadays when you think of cooking, the first images that come to mind are those of kitchens with immaculately smooth cupboards, shiny surfaces and minimalist decor. That said, people who appreciate the warm atmosphere of the kitchens of yesteryear will opt for rustic cuisine with a welcoming atmosphere . The true and mature aspect of the rustic style is one of his strengths and he has more than one in his sleeve to make us love him.

Although currently the rustic style is associated with second homes and villas in the countryside, it is also adopted in many city pavilions. Here are some non-exhaustive tips and tricks for making a rustic kitchen.


rustic kitchen of antant

Fire and always fire

There is no better way to create a warm atmosphere than fire. Even if a fireplace is difficult to install in a kitchen, you can always opt for a wood stove or other heat source visible fire.

cooking of old times

Go in search of objects of the time

If you want to create a truly rustic décor then vintage appliances and objects will fit perfectly into your kitchen and add a touch of stunning realism. Therefore acquiring objects of a certain age seems an excellent idea.

modern and rustic kitchen


Explore the different finishes

Have fun scouring second-hand or new items with different finishes. In the shops you will find lots of accessories or small furniture whose finishes will go perfectly with a kitchen in the rustic style. For example, a paper mache shade, a copper sink or a brass floor lamp with their vintage look will blend perfectly with a rustic interior .

old-fashioned kitchen

Highlight the architectural details

If your kitchen is decorated with a stone vault, brick walls, exposed beams or a wooden ceiling, do not hesitate not only to keep them but to put them forward. They are part of the sinequonone elements of the rustic style.

rustic kitchen design

Wood becomes THE material of choice

Like fire, wood is the element that conveys the impression of warmth and hospitality in a home. The rustic style is composed of these two fundamental characteristics, so the wood will never be too much in a kitchen with the atmosphere of the time formerly. However, as a natural and noble material, consider waterproofing it or having it treated with specially designed products to protect it from the ravages of time.

design atmosphere of yesteryear

Opt for the vintage

The rustic goes hand in hand with vintage objects. So a pan with scaly enamel, pots with old shapes, old chairs … all this will give a living aspect to your kitchen.

rustic design kitchen

Artificially aged vision

Whether it’s the walls, the floor or the ceiling, in the shops there are coatings that are suitable for almost any surface and whose rustic effect is undeniable. So you will easily add character to your kitchen.

old-fashioned kitchen

Play with brightness

A rustic kitchen does not have to be dark. If, however, your kitchen is not bright enough, place spotlights in dimly lit corners to increase brightness and give up most of the top closets that would block the passage of light.

rustic design kitchen

Install a dining area

One of the particularities of a rustic kitchen is the space it offers. Formerly the room where the kitchen was also used as dining room . That’s why make sure that at home it’s also possible by installing a table in a corner with chairs or wooden benches. Intimacy and comfort must prevail.

chipped wood for rustic kitchen

Play the map of textiles

To complete your decoration, do not forget the upholstered chairs, cushions with old drawings or pretty tablecloths in pastel shades. These small accessories will add the finishing touch to the warm and inviting atmosphere of your rustic kitchen .

exposed beams for a rustic kitchen

rustic kitchen in green and cream

warm atmosphere kitchen

rustic interior atmosphere

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