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15 designer bathrooms where functionality is the watchword!


If you are about to take possession of a townhouse or if you have a small house built in nature, here are some tips on how best to optimize the space without neglecting the aesthetic aspect of a small room . In this post we offer you a choice of 15 photos of bathrooms, which we hope you will suggest some interesting and original ideas on how to conceptualize the bathrooms. For this purpose, we carefully selected 15 types of fittings where the play of light and colors will have a considerable impact on the overall appearance of the designer bathroom .

Functional bathroom with contemporary design

contemporary bathroom design First of all it is very important to take some time to think about your bathroom design. How his furniture, tiles will fit into the general style of housing? How will they interact? There is always something to do to maximize the space of a small bathroom.


Bathroom in green aniss for lovers of trendy colors

green bathroom anise design At first you can put a pedestal sink. Of course it must be quite compact and stretched and it corresponds to the style of the facilities of the house. Nowadays, bathroom furniture manufacturers offer bathtubs even for small spaces. So living in the city center and taking pleasure in baths with exotic perfumes, now becomes possible.

Retro-chic for this uncluttered bathroom

chic retro bathroom design Choose large tiles for the floor and why not for the walls. Opt for white or light colors to not only give the impression of depth but also to illuminate your bathroom design. Avoid dark hues and shades too pronounced except for the final decorative touches.

Design bathroom “weekend in the country”

bathroom design color scheme

To make your imagination work and bring new ideas to life, we invite you to take a look at the selection of bathrooms below.

Here’s a city-style bathroom for busy people

small bathroom desing green accessories

Bathroom design where the space is optimized to meiux

amenagement attic design bathroom

Wins important place for this bathroom on the top floor

bathroom design small bath

Interesting layout for this 30’s designer bathroom

retro bathroom design

Here is a modern bathroom in beige shades

city ​​designer bathroom

Bathroom refined and perfectly arranged

full bathroom design

An original design for this retro bathroom

bathroom retro desing

Functional bathroom design where space is excellently optimized

functional design bathroom

Compact bathroom with trendy colors and original layout

bathroom design feng shui


Bathroom design modern and original with its faience in two colors

original design bathroom


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