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15 examples of outdoor shower to protect us pleasantly against the heat wave


It is usually associated with second homes or summer holidays simply. Yet the outdoor shower can be installed in any garden including that of the city.

An outdoor shower in the back garden of an exotic holiday villa

salle de bain luxueuse luxe design exotique douche d'extérieur jardin
The concept is simple: allow you to cool off in the open during the hours of high temperatures.
The location of an outdoor shower can be a secluded corner or right by the pool . Nevertheless it is true that it is the outdoor showers of the exotic villas that make you dream the most.


Almost invisible, this pretty garden shower totally blends into the landscape

douche de jardin extérieure maison exotique verdure

Some are there just for the convenience – they blend in perfectly with the decor – while others offer real moments of relaxation. In the end the outdoor shower allows you to enjoy a nice refresh in a pleasant setting that encourages washing several times a day.

Another example of an exotic outdoor shower that makes you want to cool off

douche extérieure jardin villa paradis

An outdoor shower with multiple jets and massage options

douche d'extérieur zen jardin outdoor exotique

Superb bathroom with exotic decoration where the shower is part of the garden

salle de bain douche de jardin d'extérieur exotique

An outdoor shower can be discreetly arranged next to the main bedroom

douche d'extérieur privée résidence familiale

Half covered exotic shower fits in an almost magical setting

exotique luxe salle de bain baignoire douche extérieure

Like a merry rain the outdoor shower becomes the perfect place to relax

salle de bain extérieure douche d'extérieur de jardin

The outdoor shower is the little plus of a side house on the coast

vacances exotiques villa douche extérieure

More than just a place of hygiene, this outdoor shower offers a real moment of relaxation

belle douche de jardin exotique maison secondaire


Greenery and exotic wood for this beautiful outdoor shower of a holiday villa

douche de jardin exotique villa de vacances

Minimalist and modern, this poolside shower offers a pleasant refreshing

belle piscine douche d'extérieur jardin terrasse design

An outdoor shower in an isolated corner naturally decorated by exotic green plants

douche extérieure de jardin exotique villa de vacances

A design garden shower inspired by surfers’ lives

douche de jardin design sympa surf



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