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15 interesting ideas to decorate a living room in blue tones


The stay is where we spend most of our time. That’s why, in order to feel at ease, you have to furnish it in a comfortable, modern and pleasant way. The choice of the blue color will prevent us from making a mistake because it is a timeless shade that blends easily and brings a calm and serene side to our interior.

Furnish or decorate a living room in blue hues brings an elegant look to the room

beau séjour design intérieur déco en bleu et rouge


No matter what shade of blue you choose, regardless of whether it is the predominant color or the recall accessories, decorating a living room in blue leaves a wide field to the imagination.

Blue is a soothing and timeless color in the interior design

appartement de luxe déco en bleu séjour salon avec vue


In the images that follow, we can see the great freedom that interior designers have taken to reinvent, play and recreate different moods in a stay in blue.

Light blue, pastel blue – a soft and airy decoration for the stay of the house

bleu nuances pastel déco séjour salon maison familiale

Opt for some “decor” touches in blue to make all the difference

idées déco rustique moderne séjour bleu

Combine the navy blue color of the living room with the furnishings of the dining room

ameublement élégant séjour en blanc et bleu marine

The seats in navy blue give an elegant and rather classic side to the stay

déco marine villa de mer accessoires bleu séjour

Prefer the tone on your gives an impression of depth especially to decorate a living room in blue

assise en bleu design intérieur maison chic

The timeless marriage of blue and white “broken” with different wood species

bleu couleurs classique aménagement décoration séjour salon maison moderne

When the blue hues sneak discreetly in the decoration and layout of our stay

déco classique idées design intérieur salon en bleu

Artistic and enjoyable here is how to decorate a living room almost entirely in different shades of blue

agréable design intérieur séjour en bleu déco

An eclectic decor mixing marine and classical influences with the ethnos trends of the moment

murs en bleu salon design intérieur traditionnel

Traditional furnishing of a modern stay where the main reminders are in navy blue

séjour maison de vacances design intérieur bleu

A perfect example to choose the blue color as the main theme to decorate your living room

living séjour salon déco ameublement en bleu

The walls painted in navy blue give the atmosphere a certain calm and refinement

séjour moderne mobilier contemporain déco bleu

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