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15 kitchens with a very Japanese design signed Toyo


Like the Japanese houses, the Toyo brand presents design kitchen designs with straight forms and clean appearance.

Even if the trend is to draw a parallel between Japanese minimalist design and the Nordic design school, it must be said that the two are quite different.


Original design kitchen design in small black polka dots


Both emphasize the simplicity and the refined style of their creations however the dissimilarities in their visions are notable.

The Japanese design kitchen combines an astonishing purity with an original feature.

Simplicity and modernity for the design of this Toyo kitchen

kitchen with a more traditional look

It must be said that these two characteristics go hand in hand with the Toyo company. The latter was founded in the 30s of the 20th century. With 80 years of experience, the brand has developed perfectionism down to the smallest detail. Everything is finished with extraordinary precision.

In the photo album that follows you can admire the designer kitchen created by Toyo declined in 15 of their best achievements.

Design kitchen by Toyo with interesting layout

very original arrangement for this kitchen toyo

Open kitchen with minimalist design

kitchen all in gray with open cupboards

Counter that serves as a work plan

original design kitchen and blue paneling

Very contemporary design for this white kitchen

minimalist kitchen by toyo

Design kitchen with clean lines by Toyo


very refined kitchen design

Yellow and pink design kitchen , seen from the Japanese garden

toyo kitchen in yellow and pink

Multicolored blinds for this kitchen all in gray

multicolored decor kitchen sober design

Very classy and classy design for this white kitchen

very classy and classy kitchen by toyo

Clean and minimalist design kitchen with magnificent views

kitchen with a splendid view

Metal cupboards for a somewhat futuristic atmosphere

toyo design kitchen in sheet metal

Beautiful kitchen with warm and welcoming colors

warm atmosphere kitchen toyo

Spacious designer kitchen on one level overlooking a nice patio

beautiful wooden kitchen design


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