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15 multicolored ideas to create a modern kitchen with the soul of yesteryear


The kitchen remains a central part of the house. In fact, modern cuisine is a real place where gourmets do not see the time spent.

Multicolored faience slab on the walls for a retro touch in a modern kitchen

modern kitchen tiles multicolored retro In our day it is often an integral part of the main living room – it is open to the “American”, practical and clean.


Faience wall decoration of yesteryear to create a warm atmosphere

deco d antan cuisine to the taste of the day Even if in the living apartments, the focus is on the materials and the trendy colors, for the second homes the modern kitchen actually is a retro kitchen.

Use of two types of faience – multicolored and in classic white

original deco idea faience double color Retro but not old!

Nice retro effect of the modern kitchen thanks to the wooden parts and painted bricks

bricks repainted woodwork retro effect guarantee Here are some ideas for its decoration and layout that are real invitations to the party.

Walls and earthenware in the style of the 80s

retro style design 80s modern kitchen The raw wood furniture that gives a lot of warmth in a room, the tiles of the past, combined with the floor terracotta tiles or polished wood … what the kitchens looked like in the homes of our great -parents in the countryside.

Turquoise wallpapers for dining room and modern kitchen

retro deco wallpapers The shapes are classic – square or rectangles, here the intention is to recreate an atmosphere of the family cocoon, an atmosphere of security and calm.

Original and fun fruit designs – a little 70’s wink

Wall deco fruits of the 70's Therefore, innovations and experiments must be discrete so as not to upset or even ruin the fragile balance that floats in the air.

Retro-looking white furniture, enhanced by classic square tiles

Retro and traditional cuisine

The tones are pastels, the soft colors, the materials also make in the great classics.

Multicolored pottery for a retro touch in a modern kitchen

retro kitchen faience touch We feel most comfortable in the familiar places, which we all know, to the positive energy that we use at 100 percent.

The retro effect produced by the white faience of yesteryear

retro effect thanks to the white earthenware In a country house or mountain chalet, this is the ultimate goal: conviviality, life together – these are the ideas that are put forward.

70s style with yellow, brown, white and light blue faience bricks

bricks in colors used in the 70s It is in such a scheme that the modern but retro kitchen must preserve this heat of yesteryear and communion with nature for the greatest happiness of its inhabitants.

Fun motifs for a 80’s touch in the modern kitchen

little touches retro deco for a modern kitchen

Furniture in varnished wood to create a “50s” decor

retro style furniture year 50

White brick faience Parisian metro style – deco idea – original retro

early type earthenware from the beginning of last century

White classic earthenware decorated with nice yellow apples for a “80s” decorative effect

decoration earthenware fun patterns for modern kitchen


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