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16 concrete ideas for designer bathrooms


Notice to the amateurs of the industrial aspect, this post will arouse your most keen interest.

Just like modern living – the bathrooms also represent platters where design and imagination mix and interpenetrate. The difference is in the innovation of the palette of colors but also in the experimentation of new materials which until then, were qualified as inappropriate for the installation of a bathroom (and especially a bathroom design ).


Bathroom design thanks to the walls and floor in raw concrete

very designer concrete bathroom

Among the most fashionable materials of the moment concrete occupies one of the first places.

Given that gray is widely used in the current interior decor and is considered a classic color that goes with almost any other color, the concrete in its raw state, which just wears this pretty color that designers like so much to leave in “wild” state, knew how to impose little by little over time.

Stylish atmosphere for this designer bathroom

concrete bathroom

But the concrete did not spread as much just because of its raw appearance and its modern color. It is also a material that is easily matched to other materials usually used for a bathroom design or not – such as tiles, tiles, solid wood to give a look a little warm and welcoming of the piece.

Minimalist atmosphere in concrete and faience

concrete bathroom design

If gray is not our “cup of tea” then we can have fun painting it in colors we prefer. A designer bathroom can serve as a free field of expression for our imagination. The pleasure of discovering or making discover the result will only be greater.

This multitudes of use and its easy adaptation makes concrete a sought after and widely used material for designer bathrooms in modern homes.

Design bathroom in concrete combined with solid wood elements

contemporary bathroom design concrete

Space valued for this bathroom industrial design

industrial raw concrete walls

Clean and simplistic decor for this Nordic style bathroom

gray walls concrete design bathroom

Bathroom in raw concrete married to a white painted wood floor

raw concrete design bathroom

Industrial effect reinforced by imperfect appearance of walls, ceiling and floor

imperfect walls in industrial concrete

Waxed concrete and raw wood for a designer bathroom


industrial design concrete bathroom

“Zen” bathroom in raw concrete and white painted concrete

Zen bath and concrete walls

“50s” style furniture & concrete to create an original bathroom design

double washbasin concrete design bathroom

Concrete design bathroom combined with gray concrete floor tiles

refined design concrete bathroom

Concrete in the rough for this bathroom with retro style white faucets

very concrete design bathroom

Set of light in a bathroom design slabs of raw concrete

light play on concrete wall

Concrete polished and painted in different shades of gray for this modern bathroom

bathroom design gray concrete


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