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16 design inspiration for your bedroom


The bedroom is no longer just a room where, at the end of the day, one collapses tiredly in the bed and plunges immediately into a deep sleep.

Today’s bedroom is a bit like our personal space, our intimate corner where we stay alone with ourselves or where the realm of our intimate life is. The place where we are with our partner, our lover.


Sobriety and purity for this room in gray & beige

trendy couhcer bedroom in gray


If you have to spend more than a third of your life in the bedroom, let your imagination free to create a little bubble of comfort and security. The colors chosen, the materials used, the furniture placed, the favorite accessories, the dim lights, the books stored – all this is in a way the reflection of our personality.

So if you have a sensitive skin or we prefer not to give too much importance to the things of life, all personalities can now express themselves.

Rose and wallpaper with floral designs for a soft atmosphere

bedroom with floral motifs

Here we offer a small trip in pictures of bedrooms with different design and styles. For the pleasure of the eyes and for the game of tastes!

From sober bedrooms in classic black and white tones, to those furnished in rustic or country style, to bedrooms with fairy lights, everyone will find something to suit their needs.

Classical and somewhat minimalist style for this bedroom

sober design bedroom

It is likely that we will discover interesting and innovative decorative ideas to bring a touch of originality in our own bedroom . To please themselves or to feel good, their atmosphere is so important perhaps because they are quiet and relaxing places – a real imprint of us!

Bedroom with artistic and inspiring decoration

artistic deco for original bedroom

Nice darkness thanks to the luminaire wall accessory

bedroom lighting design bedroom

Nice wedding colors between blue sky and raspberry red

cocuher room in blue and raspberry red

Bedroom in dark colors with original decorative accessories

bedroom design in sober colors

Rose ash wall & bed in green and brown

pink and green for this modern design bedroom

The eternal combination black & white design transposed into a bedroom

bedroom in black and white

Minimalist room for only decorative effect shadows of the suspension

minimalist bedroom effect lighting

Ubiquitous flower designs for up-to-date decor

floral thematic bedroom design

Originality of the headboard and padded ceiling deserve the attention

(photo by Aguirre Creations )

bedroom design original headboard

Bedroom in gray and white with decorative touches in pink

classic bedroom in white and gray design

The white and brown painted wood give a warm side to the room

bedroom in white and dark wood

Dark Blue / Pastel Yellow Wedding – Enriching Idea for a Designer Bedroom

bedroom in blue and young british


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