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20 designer bathtubs to be zen and relax


If once having a bathroom with a bathtub was similar to the privileges of the bourgeoisie, nowadays things have changed.

In modern homes – the bathtub is omnipresent, it is widely acclaimed. There are a multitude of models, for all budgets.


Whether you opt for a cast iron bath, recessed, cast … the choices are many.

Island bathroom with wooden design bathtub

design wooden bathtub

By following the furnishings and the color theme of your bathroom you can choose a traditional bath such as the typical Japanese wooden bathtubs , tub design concrete or steel, the most common being those acrylic.

However in recent years a new trend is emerging, it is the island bathroom.

Large and beautiful bathtub on the floor

design bath-tub floor

The novelty here is to move the bathtub away from the walls, to make it a sort of centerpiece in the middle of the bathroom.

If the achievement of such a feat remains in the field of complicated, the result is worth all efforts. Thus, little by little, our bathroom with a designer bathtub takes on the appearance of a room for life. Which could explain why we spend more and more time there.

Bathtub with an oval shape recessed on the floor

floor design bathtub

In this article dedicated to the very design bath, you will find 20 photos illustrating models as different and original, with modern and ergonomic shapes.

You can feel zen and serene just by looking at them!

Beautiful bathtub in Japanese design

japanese designer bathtub

Illuminated effect for this contemporary bathtub

design bath with multicolored lights

Island bathroom with bathtub in very refined design

bathroom island design

Golden bathtub with a very original appearance

golden design bathtub

Winn Wittman Stylish Bathtub

bathtub with pebbles winn wittman

Pretty designer bath by Harrell Remodeling

harrell remodeling designer bathtub

Bathroom in retro chic style

old design bathtub

Splendid bathroom and spa center at home

pape calderin spa design bathtub

Ultra modern design for this beautiful bathtub

contemporary looking bathtub pretty

Warm atmosphere thanks to the woodwork in this bathroom

design bath atmosphere wood

Minimalist island bathroom with sea views

sleek design bathtub


Bathtub with original wooden design

bathtub design minimalist wood

Bath & outdoor shower

outdoor bathtub

Concrete for a contemporary bathroom

cottam hargrave tub concrete

Bathtub with industrial raw concrete design

modern concrete design bathtub

The simple and zen aspect of this white acrylic bathtub

casting design bathtub


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