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8 Decorative design ideas to design a modern kitchen


As we have already published in a previous post, kitchens are the centerpieces of our homes. They contain the soul of the habitat and the tendency to spend more and more time preparing meals is confirmed over time.

If you are not in the hi-tech kitchens of the future, here are some photo ideas to help modernize your kitchen .


1. This chic and functional kitchen offers large flat areas. Details such as chrome-plated cupboards are interesting retro touches. The wedding game of both styles is very inspiring.

2. In this beautiful modern kitchen, the walls painted in anthracite gray color “school board”, gives character to the room. In addition, using the walls to leave messages or draw is a convenient and fun way to have fun.

The marriage of white and dark gray gives depth to the room

kitchen at the classroom chalkboard wall

3. The bright yellow color of the cupboards and the industrial looking lamps make this kitchen an endearing place with an original design.

The decorative detail of this retro kitchen is its sparkling color

modern kitchen in yellow duck deco effect

4. This kitchen in white and turquoise is sparkling and joyful. Its furniture with sober forms inspires the cleanliness and gives the desire to venture there. Note the wallpapers on the ceiling and the central island to measure that gives a finished look of the kitchen.

Cuisine in white and turquoise tones evoking holidays by the sea

kitchen deco holiday white turquoise

5. A distinctive decorative touch in this modern kitchen is the bulky lampshade. The white “Paris metro” tiles and the beige-colored wallpapers with flashback designs from the 80s give this piece a unique and creative style.

Venge wood combined with white marble gives a little old-fashioned look

Modern Kitchen Ideas

6. Here is another kitchen in the decor that deserves attention thanks to the stainless steel accent lights and recessed spotlights in the ceiling. This dual source of brightness is reflected in the glossy surfaces of the worktop but also in home appliances.

The volume of the room is underlined thanks to the high ceilings painted in white

contemporary kitchen space and space

7. Open shelves are another way to “modernize” the design of your kitchen. Since they are free to access, they add volume to the room. The plus is that the open shelves are easy to assemble, not expensive and especially very functional.

Pretty unpretentious kitchen with open shelves – interesting ideas for small budgets

7 kitchen white wood plate

8. Here is another example of the dual aesthetic feature of open shelves. Here they are the support for decorative accessories of bright colors – tableware. It’s rainbow of fun colors makes the food fun and fun.

Another type of shelves where the dishes play a role of decorative accessory colorful

open sets multicolored dishes

The purpose of these few unpretentious examples is to serve as a source of inspiration for contemporary deco lovers. Let’s hope that the ideas on display were of interest and could help you to make this piece modern kitchen up to date.


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