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A designer dining room at the end of the lips


Far in the past the dining room and the kitchen were one to accommodate all members of the family during daily meals. If nowadays the family customs have changed, we must say the same on the dining room .

In modern homes, it represents an extension between the living room and the kitchen. This said it is open but however loses volume to the benefit of the dining room .


contemporary dining room in white

Although the kitchen remains the heart of the house, it is often separated by an island or a counter from the rest of the room. In such arrangements, what is very nice is that the fact of preparing meals becomes a social event. The cook is no longer alone in his corner while the guests are having fun in the living room .

dining room design

The new trend that the kitchen, the dining room and the living room represent a large living room is the order of the day. Which reminds us slightly of the “loft” style. If this style is so popular it is because it has the merit of accentuating the spaces and in this way to make the enclosed areas airy.


And here in pictures how a dining room can be deco design in the minimalist and sleek style or in the multicolored atmosphere …

nice design dining room

Futuristic contemporary design for this dining room

sober dining room

white table and chairs design armchairs

full of light dining area

minimalist design style

modern dining room with pink walls

clean and minimalist Scandinavian design

interesting design dining room

dining room decoration class

awesome dark wood furniture

dining room country house style

dining room with chairs tolix

original design dining room

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