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A kitchen in blue inspired by the sea


The temperature rises, the sun gets stronger and stronger, the good weather is there. Even without deliberate thoughts for the organization the holidays begin to trot in our heads.

House in blue design kitchen


Who says vacation, says tan on the beach. Even if there are people who prefer the mountains or the countryside , the sea with its deep blue is the dream for most people.


Modern blue design kitchen

So inevitably, when we hear that a designer kitchen can take on the colors of summer, we are rather intrigued.

Blue is a “socially accepted” shade for the bathroom because it evokes the water flowing in abundance. For the kitchen the colors are different.

Clear kitchen in blue and white

And how even that color stays apart, in a second home near a beach (or not!), Blue can be an excellent choice. It evokes rest, calm and the link with the marine element.

Modern kitchen in blue design

Having a designer kitchen in blue in an apartment in the city is a much more complicated thing. Since the new fashion is indoors with open spaces, often the kitchen is part of the living room. In such conditions marry blue with other colors is not always easy.

Modern kitchen in blue design

However we must recognize that apart from appeasing appetite, which can be a perfect trick to lose a few pounds, the blue has the merit of giving an impression of volume to the room.

Modern kitchen in blue design

In addition if your kitchen is facing south, the blue will absorb the light while leaving a pleasant impression of freshness.

So why not dare this color in the kitchen?

Modern kitchen in blue design

Clarity and light in the blue kitchen

Turquoise design in the kitchen

Contemporary blue design kitchen

City kitchen in blue

White and blue kitchen

Design kitchen in blue sky

Inviting kitchen in petrol blue

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