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Our futuristic kitchens very "smart"

Tomorrow’s technology and innovations have always aroused a keen interest not only for hi-tech jewelry buffs but also for the creative world of design. Innovations surround us by making our daily lives more and more practical and easy to manage. Since they are so ubiquitous, there is no reason why …

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Ginkgo – a very design acoustic insulation

At this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair, the production company Stone Designs presented their new Ginkgo soundproof panel design. This type of sound insulation is called Ginko after the famous Japanese tree. Ginkgo soundproofing panels are made of 25% hot-pressed polyester and greatly reduce ambient noise so we can enjoy great …

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16 design inspiration for your bedroom

The bedroom is no longer just a room where, at the end of the day, one collapses tiredly in the bed and plunges immediately into a deep sleep. Today’s bedroom is a bit like our personal space, our intimate corner where we stay alone with ourselves or where the realm …

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16 concrete ideas for designer bathrooms

Notice to the amateurs of the industrial aspect, this post will arouse your most keen interest. Just like modern living – the bathrooms also represent platters where design and imagination mix and interpenetrate. The difference is in the innovation of the palette of colors but also in the experimentation of …

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Luxury stays with sensational panoramas

A stay does not have to be modern and contemporary to be beautiful . However, there are these magnificent stays straight out of the creative imagination of a designer from elsewhere; stays that reveal divine views. When you come across a photo of this type of living room you can …

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