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Bedroom inspired by the "hotel" atmosphere


Some like the comforts of home and their greatest pleasure is to work for the cocooning atmosphere of their home. Others are just the opposite: travelers in the soul.

Designer bedroom inspired by hotels


It is to those last that this little article is addressed. Travel is expensive enough and not everyone can afford it. However here are some ideas inspired by the hotel decor for the eternal travelers.

Inspiration from the hotel decor

Even if some of the rooms are works of professional designers, the tips that you can discover will be valuable. Once you have discovered what you like and want to recreate at home, professional help will not be necessary.

Bedroom inspired by the hotel decor

In hotels all styles and decor are represented. This is what we call “the best sources of inspiration”.

An original combination of colors, interesting furniture to dispose atypically, space unencumbered by all superfluous details etc.

Bedroom inspired by the hotel decor

While for some the emphasis must be on the ambience of the hotel room – ephemeral and impersonal, others will find great ideas.

So if you can not travel often, you can at least go on trips of mind that knows no limits.

Hotel room rustic inspiration

Traditional hotel room

Modern inspiration of this hotel room

Hotel Room Rounded Architecture

African-inspired hotel room


Hotel room inspired by deco

Original bedroom deco

Simple and uncluttered hotel inspiration

Royal Suite of Four Seasons in Paris

Royal Suite of Four Seasons in Paris

Bedroom inspired by the hotel decor

Photo credits : Huffington Post


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