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Cerasa or the bathroom of a new generation

Without a doubt there is no need to present a brand like Cerasa to interior design lovers. However for the general public it must be said that this company is specialized in designing a new generation of interior spaces midway between the bedroom and the bathroom. A real piece of …

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Design bedroom in 15 staggered versions

The bedroom represents our island of intimacy, the place where we stay alone with ourselves. However if the popular cliche says that this part of the house must be set in a way to make us relax and help us to empty our mind, some designs rooms are quite unusual. …

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The central island: the heart of the kitchen

Like everything around us – design knows its own trends and trends. The pieces are constantly changing to better serve. As a result, there have been changes in all aspects of the habitat. Of course cooking does not escape this natural progress. Since a few years we see a new …

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20 designer bathtubs to be zen and relax

If once having a bathroom with a bathtub was similar to the privileges of the bourgeoisie, nowadays things have changed. In modern homes – the bathtub is omnipresent, it is widely acclaimed. There are a multitude of models, for all budgets. Whether you opt for a cast iron bath, recessed, …

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Head-to-head with our headboards

The room should be furnished and decorated so that one feels serene and fully refreshed after a good night’s sleep. No doubt the face of a bedroom is represented by the bed, which in most cases stands in the center of the room. Without dwelling on the quality of the …

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When our designer kitchen goes green

The kitchen is the heart of the house – to use the famous slogan of a well-known French cook . Gourmets and those who like to cook and entertain will definitely agree. The traditional kitchen made of natural wood has given way to a kitchen design with smooth or even …

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