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Cerasa or the bathroom of a new generation


Without a doubt there is no need to present a brand like Cerasa to interior design lovers. However for the general public it must be said that this company is specialized in designing a new generation of interior spaces midway between the bedroom and the bathroom.

A real piece of happiness for women, Cerasa bathrooms are distinguished by the refinement of their furniture and the elegance of their colors. The entire bathroom furnishing is designed so that one goes as long as possible indoors.


Very clean bathroom furniture in trendy gray

bathroom furnishing in blue, turquoise and gray

We are delighted by the materials of choice, the mix of styles that seem a priori impossible and that prove to be an excellent combination. The unique bathroom furniture , so original, with the neat look comes in several trendy colors: burgundy, turquoise, sun yellow, emerald green etc.

Marble bathroom, wenge wood and dark red

bathroom furniture in wenge and red

We can not say enough good things about the Cerasa bathroom furniture . The perfection of manufacturing and the models of the Italian brand represent a fine example of Italian design.

If paradise exists then it must take the pace of the bathrooms Cerasa.

Futuristic and minimalist design for this bathroom

ultra design bathroom furniture

Clean style with noble materials in white

bathroom with minimalist style

Bathroom furniture in retro style

bathroom with more classic design

Cubic and minimalist shapes for this modern bathroom

contemporary bathroom

Decorative accent candlestick for this bathroom in white and red

bathroom in white and red

Yellow ubiquitous in this bathroom design

bathroom in yellow trend

Turquoise relief wall and gray marble for this Cerasa bathroom

bathroom with marble furnishings

Personalized bathroom and tidy room

gray and dark green bathroom furniture

More classic bathroom furniture in beige and yellow

white and yellow bathroom furniture

Spacious bathroom in dark blue and anthracite gray

minimalist furnishing bathroom blue

Clarity and simplicity for this light wood bathroom


bathroom with light wood furnishing

Lacquered bathroom furniture in bright red and glossy white floor

bathroom in red and deco chandelier


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