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Child bathroom with creative decoration


In new luxury homes, each room has its own bathroom. In any case, it is a new trend that is becoming more and more important in residential design. It is true that such an “option” is not in the means of everyone but it is always interesting and curious to look at the spacious homes composed of several rooms.

Child bathroom inspired by the marine style

inspiration marine salle de bain enfant


In this context when planning a child’s room, we must also think of the child’s bathroom that can go with it. As much in the field of interior design we find an anthology of ideas for the realization of a beautiful and modern interior, as much when it is about a child’s bathroom , the sources of inspiration although multiple, are much rarer.

Flowers and bright colors for a girl’s bathroom

salle de bain fille fleur couleurs

Here are twelve examples of development of a child’s bathroom whose decoration is guided by the interests of our darlings. Thus we find an aquatic theme, another inspired by the characters of the cartoons or by the gaiety spring fresh colors.

The wish is to create a child bathroom with nice design and playfulness so that our kids feel comfortable and in their realm.

Children’s bathroom with Disney decoration

couleurs blanc rouge et bleu enfant salle de bain

Funny colors and wall stickers for cartoons

aménagement combles salle de bain gamin

Child’s bathroom in blue and orange

design sympa salle de bain gamin

Happy decoration with sparkling colors

design salle de bain ludique

Child bathroom with original and creative design

orange et rouge couleurs salle de bain enfant

Original idea inspired by Disney heroes


décoration salle de bain disney

Bathroom boy with the decoration of a submarine

salle de bain enfant bleue

Child bathroom as part of the room

salle de bain enfant unique

Creative and funny furniture for the little ones

salle de bains sympa enfant

Photo credits: Oliver Burns etc.


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