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Child's bedroom revived by unique furniture


Each child will exclaim with astonishment at the sight of one of his furniture straight out of a Disney movie. In nice colors, some of them are almost 100% faithful to the imaginary heroes who inspired them.

children's room furniture original


The character behind this original concept is the Canadian designer Judson Beaumont and his agency Straight Line Designs located in Vancouver, British Columbia. For more than 25 years, he has designed and created eccentric furniture for the youngest and for adults.

children's room with unique furniture

One can not help but notice that if his work for the kids is inspired by cartoons, as far as adults are concerned we discover a strong influence of the legendary painter Salvador Dali.

No doubt the fantastic furniture for the nursery is one of his best projects.

children's room furniture

It is true that these cupboards, tables and dressers are a good part of the wonderful world that children often choose for their favorite home. Inspired by cartoons this furniture is the living proof that in the world of interior design everything is possible.

Each of these pieces of furniture will redraw the atmosphere of the child’s room by creating a decorative style that will always be fun for our little darlings.

designer furniture for children's room

original design of children's furniture

designer furniture for children's room

design furniture nursery

children's armchair

cupboard design nursery

original closet children's room

original closet child room

original baby furniture


children's room storage cabinet


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