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Contemporary interior decor with oriental touches


Having a luxurious home in which to feel good is in a way the dream of everyone. If in addition, we can afford the services of professionals in the sector of interior design – it’s the best!

In this way, our interior decoration will be designed and arranged according to our own preferences and following the latest trends of the moment. If we have attractions to another culture or we ourselves come from another country and we want to enter our home a little reminder of our origins, the decor will be more highlighted.


Oriental design headboard for a class room

style épuré blanc immaculé déco orientale

While it is a personal touch that is dear to us, it is mainly about playing with accessories, lights and materials to obtain a perfectly harmonious interior decoration .

Concretely, a decorative interior with the taste of the day and exotic oriental touches transports us to distant and marvelous countries or simply evokes pleasant childhood memories.

Luxurious contemporary interior decor

luxe et décoration intérieure orientale

The images presented in this post, refer to the oriental style that can marry any style of interior decoration of a house. In this way the result will only be more original and personal. If the mixture between the generous and complex forms from the East occupy an important place in terms of decoration, their richness can be offset by sober colors, walls or furniture with the purified or even minimalist appearance.


While in the fountain-shaped garden or swimming pool of ” Les Mille et Une Nuits “, in the rooms with multiple cozy textiles, in the bathroom or the living room, the oriental touches in a modern interior decor , is what gives it character and make it unique.

Room with pretty oriental decor accessories

chambre chic aux rappels intérieur déco oriental

Dining room with oriental creative touches

jolies touches déco inspirées par l'orient

Children’s room inspired by the colors of the Orient

chambre enfant décoration inspirée par les couleurs d'Orient

Living room with oriental decor

séjour contemporaine et luxueux aux objets déco orientaux

Outdoor spaces decorated in the oriental spirit

terrasse aux objets déco orientaux

Interior decor in wood and original colors

accessoires de déco orientale pour l'intérieur

Small stay multicolored oriental style

petit séjour décoration orient

Cozy atmosphere in a purple room

luxe chambre orientale

Exterior inspired by Eastern decor

terrasse aux touches dalles maroc

Original bathroom in Orient design

salle de bains design inspiré par mille et une nuits

Deco interior with pronounced colors

chambre luxe design oriental

Interior decoration at the pool of yesteryear

intérieur déco influences orientales

Photo Credit: Gordon Stein Design, Laura U, Palm Springs House & Homes, Zn Interiors, Ahmed Mady


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