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Contemporary living room in pastel colors in a sober


All tastes are in nature – the adage eternally heard to close any discussion about differences in perception of things. If it contains the truth itself and serves as a sort of explanation of the inexplicable, it must be said that it is also valid for the interior architecture of our habitats.

simple and uncluttered stay


The old-fashioned tendency to have a house with many small rooms is outdated and has fallen completely into oblivion. The feeling of suffocation and sternness is no longer on the agenda. The new vision of the housing makes that the walls are cut down so that the volume is highlighted but also so that the light penetrates freely while flooding the whole room.

brightness for this modern stay

Now the most sought-after features are the large area, the quantity of light and the original customization of places. The living room is a typical example of this. Like the entire dwelling, it reflects the typical impression of the owners of the premises.

modern design living room

Here is a compilation of discreetly colored stays , complemented by touches of sparkling accessories to enhance the entire decor.

Of course inspired by the latest trends in modern design , these stays are spacious and are characterized by a simplicity emphasized.

contemporary living room in pastel colors

A research work was done to give a stamp. The result is unmistakable: stays with a refined style, minimalist furniture and natural but simple materials.

The living room has never been so sober and modern !

modern design living room

modern design living room

minimalist stay in white and black

beautiful modern design living room

living room with contemporary and modern design

simple and uncluttered living

stay in a soft atmosphere

modern design living room

stay in a minimalist atmosphere


contemporary design living room

beautiful living room very modern

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