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Creative beds for children's room


Often in the past, when we jump back into our memories we had to share a room with the sister or brother. In many families this is always the case.

Original and customizable crib


In recent decades the trend has been to respect privacy and private space for everyone, the large children’s rooms are divided into two smaller rooms. In this way everyone lives his own life without encroaching on the flowerbeds of others.

Creative and design crib

So here’s a great idea for gaining space while creating an original playground for kids. This is the Belgian brand Mathy-by-bols in collaboration with the French designer François Lamazerolles who manufactures by hand original beds that take the curious forms of tent or caravan. These cool beds are made of MDF and customizable at will.

Bed shaped aunt for children

So you can apply a coat of varnish or paint on it. The effect will only be more fun.

For those who chose the caravan bed, for a fact more real than life, a license plate is even provided.

For the tent-bed, nothing beats the phosphorescent stars stuck to the inside . Their impact will be great to enrich the imaginary and fantastic world of our kids.

Here is how our darlings can imagine traveling, live adventures hectic and incidentally even sleep at night.

Crib shaped caravan

Original caravan shaped crib


Designer and customizable crib

Aunt design crib


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