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Deco living room of colorful temperament


It is no secret that colors influence moods and emotions. Often it is enough to look at the wardrobe of someone to know his mood of the moment.

Even if you can not change your interior as you change clothes, the colors of furniture, walls and accessories that we choose for our living room will have an invisible influence on our individuality.


purple and beige living room

In order to feel in harmony and peace with ourselves it is better to opt for timeless colors such as gray or brown. Gray is a very trendy color that not only gives a sober side to the room but has the advantage of marrying with any other color.

A deco lounge in white which on one side is a timeless and classic color but on the other hand is quite demanding in terms of maintenance. So if she gets married with everything, she is not suitable for a house with young children for example.

living room design white and fuchsia

The yellow sun and bright red are cheerful colors and very nice that should be used with moderation as keys here and there, just what it takes to enhance the mood.

Color with which one must be very careful is the black. To dispose in a dropper so as not to end up with a too dark decor or even pessimistic.

modern living room in color

It should be remembered that the color scheme can also produce a large visual effect on the perception of space. Here’s why for a living room, it’s better to choose pastel or light colors. They will emphasize the volume of the pieces and increase their brightness.

Finally, tastes and colors are not discussed and everyone can find according to his own vision of things the marriage of colors for his stay that will make him constantly in a good mood.

deco living room nice design

unique deco color lounge

living room design deco

living room deco library multicolored

living and dining room deco design

stay nice deco and original design

sober living room in colors

deco living room bohemian design

design lounge with multicolored deco

fuchsia and green living room

design living room in white and yellow


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