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Decoration on the walls for a very design room


In general, if the bedroom is not in everyone’s view and represents the private or even intimate space, it is essential that one feels good when one enters it.

It is in this perspective that most people to achieve a decoration on the walls , choose sober colors, uninviting to act in a way based on their perceptions. However in order to create a very personal and unique wall decoration , it may be necessary to turn to wallpapers.


Decoration on the walls trompe l’oeil effect

décoration sur les murs trompe l'œil chambre

Because it must be said, in recent years they sign their return to the world of interior design . Such a decoration on the walls will have the effect of brightening the entire decor with ease since the new generation of wallpapers is easy to install and maintain.
To this must be added the fact that thanks to computer tools, their colors can be declined almost to infinity. The same goes for their texture and color retention. Thus, a decoration on the walls of our bedrooms can be traditional that is to say printed on paper or PVC , polyester fibers or have a trompe l’oeil effect.

Modern room with sparkling design

chambre moderne design déco

What is sure is that such an idea of decoration on the walls for the room where for any room of the house, provided to be in harmony with the rest, can be an original personal element very aesthetic .

Decoration on the walls of classic wallpapers

chambre classe déco papier peint

Room in the valleys with chic wallpapers

décoration sur les murs chambre

Discreet wallpapers for a clear and nice decor


chambre claire à la décoration sur les murs sympa

Play the golden shade for a classy atmosphere

papier peint doré chambre design chic

Decoration on the walls with flowers wallpapers

décoration sur les murs chambre à coucher

Decoration on the walls of an elegant bedroom

chambre chic design papier peint

Room with modern decor with retro wallpapers

chambre minimaliste papiers peints

Refinement and style with this decoration on the walls

chambre à coucher design élégant papier peint

Wallpapers in green and beige for design atmosphere

papier peint chambre éclectique

Photo credits: Anthony Baratta, Pal + Smith, Sims Hilditch, Willey Design, Carter Architects, Johnson Mcleod Design


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