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Decorative living room with very unusual features


The living occupies an important place in a house. It is, in a sense, the room in which we spend most of our time either to relax or to receive our friends. A double mission therefore, which would explain the keen interest that the interior designers bring to him.

stay in two-tone design


The following selection offers living s amazing and unique. Each of them has an original element if not original elements that could serve as a source of inspiration.

Some stay s are simply sumptuous by the greatness of their views or the height of their ceilings. Others rely on aesthetic and exceptional color combinations. It should be emphasized that in many cases art deco finds wide application which could interest the followers of the style.

sparkling colors for this design stay

The minimalist decor, the futuristic atmosphere or slightly kitsch represent beautiful illustrations of modern design not to be missed. In any case, the interior design agencies are bursting with creativity in order to better satisfy the slightest demands from their customers … even if some of these requirements are a bit far-fetched.

house all a multicolored wood

Shades of the future, daring mixes of styles, sparkling colors – these are just a few foretaste of what you’ll see in the selection of photos that follows.

And then, who knows ? It may be that you find a charming idea that is worth reproducing at home.

industrial style stay

design stay in black and yellow

stay with combined styles and design

living futuristic

modern cozy living room


living room with large windows

living room minimalist design in wood

living room in white and turquoise

living room with an imposing height

lobby stay in fuschia and black

stay of the modern art deco style

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