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Design bedroom in 15 staggered versions


The bedroom represents our island of intimacy, the place where we stay alone with ourselves.

However if the popular cliche says that this part of the house must be set in a way to make us relax and help us to empty our mind, some designs rooms are quite unusual.


Very original bed design for this design room

design room rocking bed

Unusual, offbeat … some frieze even the absurd. Nevertheless the concept of a design room reflects above all the personality of its owner.

In the selection of photos that follows, it must be said that some people have a very developed imagination.

Extraordinary decoration in white balloons

original decoration with white balloons

If the idea of ​​such a design room is to get out of the ordinary, to get away from it all or just to stimulate creativity – there is a good chance that the goal will be achieved.

So that you can form an opinion on the subject, we propose you an album composed of 15 photos of rooms with unique design where the originality is the key word!

Minimalist decor and panorama height for this designer bedroom

room with unique view

Open room practically open air

room located outdoor design

Unique view for the design of this bedroom

cityscape for design room

Glass room transformed into a bedroom

design room on glass room

Interesting idea for lovers of underwater life

amateur of underwater life and designer room

Clean appearance with industrial touches and raw wood beams

room with industrial decorative touches

Room which gives directly on the terrace with the swimming pool

pool design room on the terrace

Halfway between the bedroom and the library

between room and library

Room on the pier …

room with original design on the dock

Giant clock installed on the round window

giant clock room design


Room installed outdoors

bedroom with rustic design

Total originality with this room – feet in the water

design bed feet in the water


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