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Design kitchen or the magic of white


If there is a color that has nothing to prove or prove it is white.

Hue traditionally associated with purity and simplicity, white is suitable for all living spaces in a home including the kitchen. Especially when it comes to a designer kitchen .


Kitchen design combination white wood, nature wood and steel

Cuisine design combinaison bois blanc, bois nature et acier

Given that it is in close proximity to food, white is strongly recommended simply because it evokes the cleanliness that must reign in such places. That said, this is not the only reason to opt for a design kitchen all in white.

Clean and tidy white kitchen

Cuisine blanche propre et coquette

The white is a timeless color certainly but at the same time it can emphasize the volume of the room and bring light. In addition, it is a color that is not demanding to be combined with other colors or materials and it is suitable for all styles of furniture for a modern or traditional design kitchen .

White design and open cupboards for this kitchen

Design blanc et placards ouverts pour cette cuisine

The best is to combine the white with a material such as steel. The wood appears here as an almost obligatory condition to bring a touch so appreciated of warmth and conviviality.

Those who demand sparkling cleanliness in their home will be delighted by the designer white kitchen furniture.

Minimalism and simplicity all in white

Minimalisme et simplicité tout en blanc

Design kitchen and style supported in white

Cuisine design et style soutenu en blanc

Traditional traits for this country kitchen

Traits traditionnels pour cette cuisine de campagne


Futuristic design kitchen with clean lines

Cuisine design futuriste aux lignes épurées

Traditional furniture in white, floor and table in natural wood

Mobilier traditionnel en blanc, sol et table en bois naturel

Large retro design kitchen and all in white

Grande cuisine design rétro et tout en blanc

Modern design kitchen in white and gray

Cuisine design moderne en blanc et gris

Beautiful combination in white, gray marble and natural wood

Magnifique combinaison en blanc, marbre gris et bois naturel

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