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Design lounge with eclectic decor


The living room is the room that represents us the best – on the one hand because snuggled in the sofa we spend most of our free time in front of the TV and secondly because it is well in the stay that we receive our relatives and friends.

If there is somewhere our face in the social life we ​​lead, it must be up to date. Deco ideas for creating a design lounge can come from anywhere. It may be that the term “eclectic” does not tell you much.


retro design living room

Yet it means a successful mix of accessories or furniture of different types to create a well-defined style. As much to say it to you must have the eye and the imagination to predict the picture.

If you like playing with furniture and objects from different eras then this style is for you. If you like to combine different colors and looks, all you need is a bit of aesthetic vision to make your living room feel pleasant.

contemporary living room eclectic design

Take a look at the compilation of photos concocted by us. Be your own designer to create a unique atmosphere in which you will truly feel at home.


red and blue oil salon design

living room with deco books

retro plates and living room deco

original art deco stay

turquoise sofa for eclectic design living room

green anise for eclectic deco lounge

sparkling design salon

original eclectic design salon

stay green - turquoise

living room with multicolored design

chic white design living room

orange design lounge and plants


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