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Design stay: the eternal play of light and space


Ideally everyone should have a beautiful and large house bathed in light and warm colors. If reality differs in many parts of the world of dreams, we can still look at and project ourselves in places that please us and speak to our senses.

Such a place is the stay of the house, in which one feels comfortable in front of the TV but also in which one receives our relatives. A place of intimacy and social life.


design stay 2

However, for some people, the stay plays a unique role – to welcome friends and acquaintances at social events.

In this article we have chosen to present the living design where volume and light play hide and seek for a “wow! “.

stay at the original layout

Any room that benefits from such an almost unlimited space and from such an extraordinary light source deserves attention. If luxury is omnipresent in a design stay and goes hand in hand with upscale furniture and prestigious accessories, since forever and forever its main strengths remain and will remain space and light.

design stay 4

Creating a design holiday is not easy and within reach of everyone. If space is a thing always acquired is it that you must know how to emphasize it and also how to design a specific environment sought with the help of natural or artificial light sources. The way in which lighting fixtures are arranged and how to combine their lighting strength fulfills a mission of primary importance.

stay at the space and height of height

It is for this reason it is necessary to specify that in the photo album which follows the livings were thought and arranged by professionals of the sector.

Take pleasure in discovering them and (perhaps) inspiring while smiling.

design stay 6

design stay all white

turquoise decor living room

design stay with art deco inspiration

living in contemporary design

living room with beautiful mountain views


cast waxed concrete living room

colonial style stay

gray and white living room

stay bathed in light

stay at the original play of light

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