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Ginkgo – a very design acoustic insulation


At this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair, the production company Stone Designs presented their new Ginkgo soundproof panel design. This type of sound insulation is called Ginko after the famous Japanese tree. Ginkgo soundproofing panels are made of 25% hot-pressed polyester and greatly reduce ambient noise so we can enjoy great sound from home TV or play guitar without making our neighbors’ lives unbearable. In addition to all these advantages these panels in original shape have a pleasant aspect to the eye and very design.

A wall covered with green Gingko panels

acoustic design insulation Gingko


Applying this trendy acoustic insulation is a breeze. Its creators proudly call it ingenious … In addition to the neat aesthetic aspect, the panels in their various colors are playful and fun. We can assemble them according to our desires and moods.

Different compositions of various colors

design multicolored acoustic insulation Gingko


Ginkgo is an inspiration , a desire to dream of nature, a call to escape. This acoustic insulation thanks to its slightly rounded and modular shape at will, makes you transpose different landscapes: a winter cloudy sky, a wood with leaves falling in autumn, the greenery of the wheat fields during the summer, the underwater depths bluish … The variants are innumerable.

A wide choice of colors

original drawing acoustic insulation Gingko

The standard colors are white and anthracite gray, but the options for changing colors are almost as rich as the paintings that could be drawn with. So enjoy it !

Sound insulation entirely in anthracite gray

sound insulation Gingko design in gray

Richer arrangement with the same panels in white, blue & gray

different assembly blue gray white panels


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