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Head-to-head with our headboards


The room should be furnished and decorated so that one feels serene and fully refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

No doubt the face of a bedroom is represented by the bed, which in most cases stands in the center of the room. Without dwelling on the quality of the bedding and the aesthetics of the room linen, in this article we would like to draw your attention to another decorative accessory just as important – the headboard .


white shelves design as a headboard

For some time this part of the furniture becomes neat but also in keeping with the design of the room.

The goal here is to maximize the feeling of peace and well-being .

The multifunctionality of the headboard is obvious and if the most classic model remains padded, nowadays you can see some completely diverted from their original purpose – for example a headboard library, shelf or giant clock.

design headboard

Of course, in the world of interior design, every creative effort deserves attention. Thus one finds as headboard chipped doors trompe-l’oeil, wall stickers of books or even varnished industrial pallets.

In summary these curious pieces of furniture follow but are not alike. There is something for all tastes and scholarships.
If you want to make your own idea on the subject, you can look at the selection of original and amazing photos of headboards. Pleasure of the eyes – guaranteed!

multicolored headboard

design headboard

wall panel at the head of the bed

industrial design headboard

headboard in varnished pallet

the padded classic

original head in giant clock

design headboard

sails above the bed

headboard wall sticker

british cottage style room

original wall panel

oil pillows at the head of the bed

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