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Ideas for small room layout both friendly and modern


In the sharing of living space, the bedroom often tends to reduce its dimensions. This turns out to be especially true when it comes to an apartment in a large urban agglomeration.

Opt for warm colors and soft shades to create a pleasant ambience when arranging small room at home

agréable petite chambre à coucher idées déco


Since the small bedroom layout can quickly turn into a huge puzzle, here are some handy tips to maximize space and create the illusion of volume in a small room. Of course, these suggestions can be applied to both guest rooms and double rooms.

Do not hesitate to test different locations of luminaires in subdued and soft light

décoration intérieure pour petite chambre

It becomes essential to focus attention on the central point that is to say the bed, to add a lot of preferably natural light , to put some mirrors to enlarge the room, to opt for several storage even in height so as not to clutter the room with all kinds of trinkets and stuff.

Here are the following ideas in pictures …

Do not obstruct natural light sources such as windows or velux windows

design moderne et ambiance chaleureuse chambre à coucher petite

Another example of small bedroom layout in the attic of the house

couleurs et lumières douces petite chambre à coucher

Integrate closets and storage becomes very important to avoid overloading the room

rangements et design moderne pour petite chambre

Small, very original bedroom layout in this contemporary and modern loft


concept créative petite chambre loft

Rounded furniture should be avoided for small living spaces, favor straight and clean lines

mobilier et déco petite chambre à coucher dans les combles

Great idea to combine wall storage with the inevitable bedside lamps

astuces et idées aménagement petite chambre d'amis

A perfect illustration of space-saving storage space that is very practical for a successful small bedroom layout

idées pratiques petite chambre maison

Taking into consideration the limited surface of the room, do not hesitate to reduce the size of the bed

réaliser belle chambre sous le toit

Where ceiling height is important, double bunk beds can be arranged

originale déco petite chambre à coucher

Do not insist too much on the decoration of the small room allows to enjoy more space

décorer petite chambre à coucher

An interesting and inexpensive solution is to have some mirrors to create an effect of depth and therefore to enlarge the small bedroom

astuces déco aménagement petite chambre maison

When designing a small room, it is best to focus on the center of the room so that the room immediately catches the eye.

idées déco petite chambre à coucher

Photo credits: 1. Blackband Design, 2. InDesign – Lori Ludwick, 4. THE WORKS, 8. Cotton Tree Interiors, 10. Stephani Buchman, 14. Mdiscipio, 15. Elizabeth Cross-Beard


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