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Interior kitchen cleverly transformed into an open summer kitchen!


If you are a blue ribbon or a gourmet and you love to cook for you and your guests, on sunny days you will not resist the temptation to invite friends around outdoor grills.

For those lucky enough to have outdoor space (even if they do not spread over a wide area) here are some ideas that will transform your kitchen into open kitchen of summer .


Beautiful open kitchen totally on the garden

First choose a wall that overlooks the garden. Then you just have to opt for one of the different variants that the photos below indicate to find the one that suits you the most. Easier to write than to do, it’s true.

Cuisine transformed into a summer kitchen

Of course the variants are very numerous and just as original but we must take into consideration the surface and the budget available. The openings to the outer areas of your home can be either a French window, or a fully glazed wall, glass from top to bottom that open laterally or horizontally …


Half open kitchen

There is something for those who like the traditional open- style summer kitchen , for those who prefer novelties or those who just want to bring more light into their interior.

One thing is sure by investing in a sliding glass wall or French doors directly on the garden your kitchen will be more welcoming and bright. And if your garden is dotted with outdoor lights and is beautifully lit it will represent a beautiful landscape to observe from inside the house.

Open kitchen wall

Beautiful open kitchen overlooking the garden

Summer open kitchen

Luxury kitchen open to the outdoor area

Half open kitchen wall

Summer open kitchen

Open kitchen on the outside on a budget

Pretty kitchen wall open on the garden

Photo Credit: Cathy Schwabe Architecture, Beach Glass Interior Designs, Melton Design Build, Chris Snook, Galley Kitchen, Brunelleschi Construction, Urrutia Design, Cairn Construction Inc.,


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