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Light on the modern design bedroom


The interior design of each dwelling reflects the personality or personalities of its occupants. In other words it is through the choice of furniture, colors and the entire design that the atmosphere in the image of the owners of the place is created.


Modern design room with nice colors


The same goes for the bedroom, which is a bit of a haven of peace, the island of intimacy, the place where one must feel good and in harmony with ourselves.

In this article we offer a selection of 15 pictures of modern design rooms that can serve as inspiration if you are looking for ideas to furnish yours.

Spacious design room

Here are some details such as the woodwork that is preferred because they transmit a feeling of warmth and well-being; the light and soft hues also have the edge even though dark colored walls can be a pleasant surprise in a modern designer room . Others have focused on the uniformity of color such as the all-white room.

Design bedroom with design ceiling heights

Some pieces may surprise with their decor loaded with patterns that borders on prestige or kitsch, it all depends on the way we see things.

In any case, these are examples of modern design that represent different styles of interior decor and can be used as a starting point to design a beautiful room with a contemporary look.

Bedroom design wood

Design bedroom in white and with wood paneling

Warm modern design room

Modern white room with a magical panorama

Minimalist design for this bedroom

Industrial Design Bedroom

White magic in the bedroom

Dark hues for the design of this bedroom

Very contemporary bedroom design

Room in deco design all in white

Room in the decor an oriental strand


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