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Luxury bathroom with various inspirations


A taste and a mentality common to the people living in the same country could be formed over the centuries. No doubt the latter has been influenced by the climate or various socio-cultural factors, it is interesting to look at precisely the aesthetic consequences in terms of interior design that can result.

Luxury bathroom with oriental touches

influences très orientales salle de bains


It is a little in this respect that we marvel at the functionality of simple and clean forms of Scandinavian design or we easily recognize the design school of southern Europe by its somewhat exuberant creativity …
A luxury bathroom is a small example of the noticeable difference in the aesthetic preferences of people around the world.

Spacious Nordic inspired bathroom

minimalisme simplicité salle de bains scandinave

But why a luxury bathroom ? It is true that the particularity of an interior design will be noticed in any room of the house, nevertheless, it seemed to us more interesting to illustrate the heterogeneous perceptions regarding a luxury bathroom .

So would you recognize the influences and styles in such a luxury bathroom depending on the country in which it is located?

Answer in the photos that follow …

Bathroom with decoration from ancient Greece

mosaïque grecque salle de bain antique

Marble and luxury for this oriental bathroom

marbre opulence salle de bains à l'arabe

The luxury bathroom seen by the Japanese zen


salle de bain inspiration japonaise

Deluxe bathroom ‘Slavic heat’ in Russia

orientale rustique salle de bains

Original bathroom, urban and so “American”

salle de bain design américain

Scandinavian inspiration for this bathroom in white

minimalisme blanc salle de bains

Turkish baths at the origin of this modern bathroom

salle de bain épurée turque

Italian design in an ultimate luxury bathroom

ultramoderne luxueuse salle de bain

The beauty of Tuscany in a rustic bathroom

design esprit rustique salle de bain

Photo credits: Milldue, Gad Architecture, Assume, Italy Traveler, Dennis Zhitnik, Delpha


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