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Luxury stays with sensational panoramas


A stay does not have to be modern and contemporary to be beautiful . However, there are these magnificent stays straight out of the creative imagination of a designer from elsewhere; stays that reveal divine views.

When you come across a photo of this type of living room you can not help but get in, to see yourself admire this unique landscape.


Lounge with trendy decor and beautiful city view

stay at the sight in height

In today’s world of interior architecture, the view occupies a primordial place. It’s kind of the icing on the cake. It is true that when we have a luxurious living room that reveals a breathtaking panorama, everything else is relegated to the background.

Here is a photo album of 15 ultra design salons with splendid views that will put us in the eye!

Zen inspiration for this living room overlooking the garden and the hills

living zen and views of hills

Living room with huge windows overlooking the beach

first line living room on the ocean

Living with industrial accents and the superb view of the sea

industrial style to the sea view

Contemporary living room in white and beautiful panorama of a lake

beautiful view for modern living room

The view of this amazing loft is one of its major assets

modern loft beautiful view

Beautiful city apartment revealing a breathtaking panorama of the city

apartment with city view

Splendid sunset from a spacious and contemporary living

sunset view over the sea

Minimalist and refined living room which emphasizes the beautiful forest view

minimalist living room with a view of the wood

Dream panorama for this spacious living room

spacious living room with country panorama

Exotic and luxurious villa with magnificent views of the pools

turquoise exotic view

Simple stay in black and white discovering a magnificent maritime landscape

sober living room with sea view

Prestige lounge all in white with sumptuous views of the pool and palm trees

magnificent view from the luxurious stay

Beautiful villa arranged in a very original way with a view of the green hills of the Midi

loft villa with magnificent green view


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