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Make a garden living room in a palette


Want to make a garden furniture palette? Not bad as a decorative idea wooden pallets to have a coffee table, an original garden bench, personalized and low price! A garden furniture pallet that can be done with pallets of recovery or purchased for the occasion that does not matter, the approach is nice and easy to achieve. Our ideas of furniture in pallet for a garden which puts on the wood to make its decoration.
Updated on 21/04/2016

Garden furniture in wooden pallet

Complément indispensable au salon de jardin en palette, la table basse. celle-ci est faite de deux palettes superposées et montées sur roulettes
A made for the garden with two pallets kept in their original dimensions mounted on four large stainless steel wheels. Between the two trays, cleats of square section of 8cm wide. To pallets, a rustic oak color. Here is an idea feasible by all and for 2 francs 6 sous!


Un salon de jardin en palette à la portée de tous les bricoleurs. Pour le réaliser, il suffit d'accoler les palettes l'une à coté de l'autre après les avoir peintes
Achievable even by a non-handyman, a garden furniture palette that assembles by positioning the pallets one next to the other forming an L. Here, the corner of the sofa consists of three pallets stacked but if you want a garden furniture with more seating, just replace two pallets with a large cushion. To complete the living room, the essential low table pallet, it is also simply painted and placed in the state on the floor of the terrace.
Ambiance cocooning et déco extérieur nature, avec ce salon de jardin en palette installé sous le patio d'une terrasse en bois

Installed on a terrace and under a wooden patio, this garden furniture palette adds a touch of nature to the . Leaned against the wall of the patio, this wide-seated garden furniture consists of four pallets placed in the field to make the file and sixteen pallets stacked to form the seat of the sofa. A comfortable lounge to enjoy the garden all summer.
Simplissime la fabrication de ce salon de jardin en palette qui permet en plus un retour en angle. La banquette est assemblée par la répétition de blocs de 3 palettes posées l'une sur l'autre qui prennent appui sur le mur qui sert de dossier. le confort est assuré par les coussins.

On the same principle of assembly, a garden furniture full pallet that requires no transformation of pallets and therefore no tools. Based on a garden wall, the height of the bench is fixed by a block of 3 superimposed pallets that can be multiplied to obtain the desired length. A simplicity to do that allows to add a return to form a corner living room. For the coffee table 2 pallets also stacked mounted on wheels.
Table de jardin faite avec des palettes en bois. Au centre jardinière plantes aromatiques integrée dans plateau de table
The wood lends itself well to the manufacture of a coffee table pallet with a gardening table runner. To make the reserve that will host the plants, simply remove the wooden sleepers from the center of the pallet along the entire length. the recovered pieces of wood are then sawn to a length equal to the thickness of the pallet and then nailed in their height on the base of the pallet. The sleepers of another pallet are used to make the table top. To conceal the underside of the , skirting boards are fixed around the edge of the table. Failing recovery, the new will do.

Table de salon de jardin faite à partir de palettes bois. Une fois les palettes assemblées elles sont poncées puis peintes avec une lasure de couleur naturelle
To accommodate six to eight guests, a large garden table made with two wooden pallets for the upper tray. To support the wood of the tray and ensure its strength, another palette at the base that also strengthens the table legs.
Un salon de jardin en palette pour des déjeuners bucoliques. L’ensemble plateau de table, tréteaux et banc de jardin est fabriqué avec des palettes de récup puis peint avec une peinture blanche For this garden table and its benches built in the same spirit, the wooden pallets are used for the manufacture of the trestles of the table, the feet and crosses of the two benches. The table top and the seat of the benches are made using new cleats. The whole is protected from a white paint for a very country-like rendering.

Garden furniture in pallet for a wooden terrace

Salon de jardin en palette fabriqué pour une installation en L sur 2 murs de la terrasse en bois. Assortie, une table basse en palette dont le plateau plein est assemblé grâce à des tasseaux fixés par le dessous.

A garden furniture in pallet arranged in L on the terrace in total wood look, hours of relaxation guaranteed on sunny days!

A that we can be proud of. The L-shaped garden furniture is built with two wooden pallet heights placed along the walls that is transformed for the occasion into a back for the benches. Thick foam cushions provide comfort. The large coffee table requires a little more processing pallets. To build the feet, a pallet is cut in two in the height on which is fixed the plate consisting of two other integral palettes with clamps screwed from below.

Un salon de jardin en palettes ultra facile à faire qui trouve naturellement sa place sur la terrasse ! La table basse se compose de deux palettes simplement superposées pour obtenir une bonne hauteur à l'heure de sortir les verres pour l'apéro. Les fauteuils sont fabriqués partir d'une palette bois coupée en deux pour l'assise, une autre légèrement en biais forme le dos du fauteuil. La banquette est fabriquée sur le même principe d’assemblage avec cette fois deux palettes bois sur la longueur.

On the terrace, the garden lounge makes its summer show with the pallets!

What could be easier to do than this pallet garden lounge that naturally finds its place on the terrace! For the coffee table, two pallets are simply superimposed to get a good height at the time of leaving the glasses for the aperitif. The armchairs consist of a wooden pallet cut in half in the length forming the seat, the top of another slightly inclined shape forms the back support of the armchair. The bench is manufactured in the same way, this time with two wood pallets assembled and glued together. It remains only to ask the cushions that can be made to measure or if you are in a hurry, bought ready made. In this case, it is advisable to have the dimensions of the cushions before cutting the pallets.

Wooden pallets to make a terrace floor

Sol terrasse bois en palettes aménagé dans un coin du jardin. sur les 6 palettes peintes en rose fushia, transat et bidon de recup formant le salon de jardin sont repeints dans la même couleur. Sur la claustra bois fermant l’espace, des jardinières en parpaing assorties

Pallets are good for the floor of the wooden deck. And paint the palettes in a flashy color, a decorative idea to remember for the garden!

Wooden pallets to make the ground of a corner terrace in the garden, it is a deco idea very easy to implement. To give character to this terrace and to bring a strong contrast with the green of the vegetation, the pallets, the garden furniture composed of odds and ends of a wooden deckchair and barrels of recovery are painted in pink fuchsia. Protecting the space from looks and gusts of wind, the wood claustra follows the movement of the flashy color.

Banc de jardin fait en palette de bois de récupération.

Two recessed pallet tops are transformed into a garden bench after having screwed 4 wooden cleats of 30 cm which serve as feet.

When two wooden pallets assembled become a nice and comfortable garden bench, which does not exclude to add one or two cushions!

Make a bench in wood pallet, it’s very simple!

Garden bench made of white painted wood pallet, for comfort, a custom made mattress and cushions

A wooden pallet, a mattress and cushions and here is a beautiful bench for the garden

A small garden bench easy to make with a pallet mounted on wheels to move at will in every corner of the garden. The palette does not require transformation. After light sanding, a shot of white paint, 4 fixed brake castors screwed on the corners of the pallet, a foam mattress, some cushions and nap can begin. Not to mention that it can be nice to make several to have a real garden furniture palette on the terrace.
Desserte fabriquée avec des palettes bois pour le jardin. Peut aussi faire un établi pour le jardin
To make this garden table, the wooden pallets have been completely dismantled in order to recover the sleepers to build trays and feet. A good idea to make a workbench in the garden or to have a side table placed near the corner garden furniture palette too.

A garden furniture palette without its swing, it’s impossible!

Un salon de jardin en palette se complète de son indispensable balancelle pour profiter du jardin sans compter. Assemblée avec 2 palettes suspendues par 4 grosses cordes, une balancelle facile à faire.
Adults and children will compete for the place to enjoy this swing pallet consists of 2 pallets fixed on four long length of rope. The first, the most important for basking in the garden forms the seat, the highest can be covered with a mobile canvas to shelter from the sun and the wooden sleepers equipped with some votive lanterns with mosquito candles history to go under the stars. Source: dreaminggradens.blogspot. be

A palette for napping in the garden

Make a swing with a wooden pallet and a mattress for nap in the garden children will love to lie on the comfortable mattress
There is no reason for children to be forgotten in the garden! A swing to do with a single wood pallet that is attached to a tree branch with two ropes for swings lengthened color strings by a carabiner for attachment to four points to the pallet. For comfort, a small mattress, pillows and nap outdoors can begin.
Garden hut made with wooden pallets. To make the windows remove the sleepers from the pallets. To paint the cabin with bright colors is more fun for children.
And when the nap is over, the kids will play in their that Dad and Mom made with palettes and painted in beautiful bright colors.
Pour donner des couleurs naturelles au salon de jardin en palette bois et protéger le bois, lasure bois bio disponible en 1000 couleurs de Auro
To protect your garden furniture in pallet and reveal the ribs of the wood, a natural wood stain based on vegetable oils that comes in 24 colors and gives a waxed appearance to the furniture. Price 29.90 € Auro at Altavic bio

Where to find wooden pallets to make your garden furniture?

The first tip and free is to have your eyes wide open when you are in town. In the evening the stores deposit on the sidewalk the pallets of the deliveries received during the day. Another source of supply, supermarkets. However, be careful not to take them without authorization, some pallets (blues and red among others) are recorded.
2nd solution: Research in your area on the internet. Many companies have specialized in the collection of pallets from manufacturers that they recycle and sell second-hand to individuals. For the price, count about 5 € the pallet, a derisory sum which carries the cost price of a living room of garden with its low table pallet about 100 €.

Create a large outdoor sofa with pallets to create a comfortable and economical garden furniture

A sofa in a pallet composes a comfortable garden furniture

This large outdoor sofa is made using three pallets stacked on top of each other on three levels. For added comfort, armrests are added on each side of the structure with two pallets set to edge. Cushions lined up against the wall serve as a backrest. With its two coordinate tables, this garden furniture palette offers an environment of absolute relaxation!

Relaxing atmosphere under the pergola with this white garden furniture made in pallet with corner seat and mobile coffee table

A white garden furniture palette on the patio

Relaxation at the rendezvous under the pergola decorated with a garden furniture made in a palette. Two pallets mounted on wheels are used to create the coffee tables. Pallets mounted on 20 cm legs define the structure of the corner sofa. And for the cozy touch, a mattress is placed on it and filled with big cushions.

Cocooning terrace with a garden furniture in pallet

This white garden lounge sublimates the patio with softness. Here the trick is to use the layout of the terrace to create the furniture in pallet more easily: The brick wall serves as a back to the bench and the coffee table supports the small sofa.

A garden furniture in pallet to take your meals outside

Do the same thing again by assembling two palettes side by side to make the table top. For the feet it’s simple: two pallets are fixed at the ends and two others support the whole. If you have the skillful hand add the benches with the remaining pallet wood. Then color your garden furniture by stapling a green waxed cloth on the wood as centerpiece and align on the benches cushions of green and blue chairs.

Space saving sofa in pallet a cozy garden living room

Here is a good idea to transplant for the arrangement of a garden furniture on a balcony or a small terrace! The trick here is to combine sofa and coffee table together. The bench is made with three pallets aligned, a third is stacked in the middle of the seat to define the coffee table. The armrests, the seat and the feet are then made with the wood of three disassembled pallets.

Fenced wooden summer garden pallet

A wind of exoticism blows on this summer garden. Privatized by a fenced enclosure made of wooden planks, it is also protected from the sun with its beautiful red shade sail. And as in a tale of a thousand and one nights, it lights up with Moroccan lanterns in the evening.

Cabanon atmosphere for the garden furniture in pallet

Four wooden pallet loungers and a matching coffee table help create the country cottage atmosphere of this terrace. Walls and stone floors, barbecue pizza ovens, and wooden pergolas in turn ensure the authentic charm of the decor.

A love seat in a palette for a crisp garden salon

This little love sofa is as cute as it is affordable! To make it you will need four pallets. Two for the seat (to be attached side by side from below) and two others to create feet and backs. After assembly, install two cushions and tap the cool chat in the garden!

An old garden furniture renovated in palette

Cut the bowl of your garden living room damaged and gone out of fashion? Cover it with pallet wood planks! It will be cheaper and much less commonplace than outdoor furniture already ready. Complete the set by making a coffee table in the same spirit with the remaining pallet rails.

Rustic and chic this garden furniture palette is as sober as elegant. Installed under garlands of light it releases all its natural charm

An authentic garden furniture in palette

Sober, rustic, caring little superfluous, this garden furniture assembled with pallets completely disassembled consists of two sofas and a coffee table. Installed under umbrella pines it is simply lit by garlands of light.


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