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Marble bathroom that makes us dream


Nowadays we spend more and more time in the bathroom so that it is pleasant. This is partly due to the fact that in today’s society we are judged more and more often by our appearance.

Hence the almost capital importance of a bathroom with a beautiful design such as a marble bathroom . If the latter has been considered as a major sign of belonging to high society, over time its use has become more accessible.


Contemporary white marble bathroom

moderne et contemporaine salle de bain en marbre blanc

Of course the style and class found in a marble bathroom even if it is not very large, can not be compared to bathrooms with tiled floors .

Even generalized and accessible, marble remains a more expensive product – it all depends on its quality, its origin etc. There are several types of marbles – white, red, green, black etc. Some are with many other vain – pure.

White marble on the wall and soft golden glow

belle salle de bain design marbre unique


However, it is not difficult to design a marble bathroom , regardless of the type of marble you choose. It is a material of such natural and distinguished beauty that it blends easily with any chic and classy accessories.

Here are some examples of inspiration if you are looking for ideas to make a marble bathroom at home.

White marble bathroom on the floor and walls

blancheur et beauté salle de bains design marbre

Double basin in modern white marble

salle de bains allures classique en marbre blanc vasques

Modern marble bathroom and design

salle de bain design minimaliste marbre

Floor in large white marble slabs

salle de bain classique marbre bois et carrelage

Wall and shower cabin in white marble

salle de bains mur et douche marbre gris

Marble bathroom in the shower and on the floor

salle de bain design cabine de douche en marbre

Superb bathroom with marble elements

belle salle de bain design blanc marbre unique

Gray marble for a bathroom with a unique design

salle de bain design en bois marbre et carrelage

Modern marble bathroom all in gray and white

salle de bains design foncé marbre unique

Photo Credit: Roca, Neutra Design, Castle Design, Laura U, Stocker Hoesterey Montenegro Architects, Tammy Connor Interior Design, Wiseman & Gale Interiors & Terrat Elms Interior Design, Wells & Fox Architectural Interiors, Lee Ann Baker Interiors Ltd., Anyon Design, Stuart Cohen & Julie Hacker Architects


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