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Mini planters and indoor pots with aromatic herbs


For gourmets with demanding culinary palates – and if you cultivate your own flavors in the kitchen?

The idea is not new and more and more people are getting started. What is certain is that nothing can replace the fresh taste of aromatic herbs in the dishes. Having a nice green garden at your fingertips does not take up a lot of space and the advantage is considerable.


Pretty indoor wooden planter

wooden interior planter

The choice of herbs is essential – the easiest to grow is basil, chives, coriander, parsley, thyme, rosemary etc.

If you opt for a planter composed of pots you are also spoiled for choice with regard to materials – clay, wood, ceramic, plastic, terracotta etc. Everything is possible !

Wine bottle case transformed into an indoor planter

aromatic herbs from a crate of wine

Small trick – if you tend to overwater your plants, take a pot of clay or wood that would easily let oxygen penetrate to the roots and have the advantage of easily evacuating the excess water.

Place your garden (or pots) with aromatic herbs to the south or west so that their flavors are more intense.

In conclusion we can say that these aromatic herbs will not only beautify your kitchen but add a more pronounced taste to all your dishes.

Enjoy your meal !

Fun multicolored pots for aromatic plants

pots of aromatic plants in colors

Terrace dedicated to aromatic herbs

aromatic herb terrace

Metal pots as a nice kitchen planter

multicolored metal pots with aromatic herbs

Flowerpots used for aromatic herbs

aromatic herbs in white pots

Pretty kitchen gardener standing upright

vertical planter for kitchen

Planter very design while white ( Royal VKB )


very design porcelain planter

Original idea to make a gardener in the kitchen

aromatic herbs in indoor gardener

Glass flower pots with aromatic herbs

aromatic herbs in glass jars

Herbs will bring a touch of freshness in the kitchen

indoor aromatic herbs in vertical

Shelves specially designed for herbs pots

herbal shelf

Aromatic herbs can be planted in simple pots

aluminum pots for aromatic herbs

The simple pots can be arranged in an original way

indoor planter made of metal pots


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