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Modern living room in a small town apartment


Everyone would like to live in a spacious, large, clean, well located and maintained townhouse. However, when you are lucky enough to live in one of the European or American metropolis, you often have to make compromises, especially regarding the living space of our house.

Main living room of a city studio

ameublement petit studio citadin


This is how T2s are the most common city apartments in rental ads or even real estate sales. When the living space is limited, you have to think about a functional layout without sacrificing the welcoming and modern interior.
This is particularly valid for the stay where we spend most of our time and where we receive our guests. In the following compilation, Russian interior designers looked into the matter in order to design pleasant living rooms in a small apartment . Stays that must be combined with a kitchen or a dining room.

Well-distributed space in the main room of a small town apartment

immobilier moderne petite surface

It is not easy not to be able to deploy his imagination but a small apartment can offer interesting possibilities as to the layout of its interior.

The result can be described as very successful since the decor made in a small living room as those shown here, is simply modern and very elegant. What give us ideas for the development of a home with a very friendly spirit.

Large balcony and living room in the open kitchen

aménagement d'un petit studio

Studio with superb views and well-defined spaces

pièce de vie principale ameublement design

Small apartment skilfully arranged

agencement fonctionnel pièce de vie

Living room and kitchen in the same room

petit appartement à l'agencement moderne

Industrial atmosphere and trend of this small apartment

décoration design en gris petit studio

Glass wall for a totally illuminated stay

pièce de vie petit logement de ville

Unique room kitchen and living room of a city dwelling

ambiance tendance design petit studio

Nice little town studio with contemporary decor

logement de ville neuf balcon grand

Main living room of a small modern apartment


ambiance contemporaine meubles design studio

Photo credits: Atomic 3D, Ando Studio, Envision Nine, Archivizer, AIV Studio


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