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Open shelves or a little more decoration


Having a contemporary kitchen that creates a feeling of warmth and well-being but also has modern features – that’s something that many people would love.

Kitchen anise green color


If in time the trend was closed closets of kitchens, nowadays it is quite the opposite. Open storage that shows a nice collection of pots of all colors or allow to showcase a beautiful tableware with flashy hues are the order of the day.

Open shelves for light-soaked cooking

In addition to the fact that these open storage can give a sense of volume to the kitchen , they can highlight a beautiful decorative wall or bring a touch multicolored and fresh. The deco effect will be amplified if you install small lights integrated behind the shelves to illuminate the wall in question or objects that are highlighted.

Multiple open kitchen shelves

All this without forgetting the easy side to mount oneself open storage but also their low prices. Indeed if you have a reduced budget to furnish your kitchen , which is often the case as it is the room of the house that costs the most, shelves are a great alternative.

Only small problem: for obvious reasons they are not suitable for places exposed to dust.

Decorating kitchen with shelves

Open shelves for more volume

Open shelves for cooking

Open storage for the modern kitchen


Storage shelves for the kitchen

Shelves for the kitchen

Open shelves and storage

Decorative shelves for the kitchen

Kitchen shelves

Open storage spaces for the kitchen

Kitchen decoration shelves

Photo credits: Ikea, Ted Yarwood, Susanne Dimma, Artek


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