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Original bedding where when the hanging bed does not end to enchant us


It is said that the gentle swing helps to calm the mind, relieve stress and fall asleep more easily. So we can logically deduce that the hanging beds are not just an original bedding that makes our interior unique. They also have a therapeutic effect.

Example of original bedding with this bed hanging under a large window

literie suspendue originale studio artistique design


Bring the fun to the useful – it’s the winning combination every time. In this post we present you a selection of suspended beds for the parental room but also for the teenagers. Each time the bed floating in the air attracts the eye and gives the desire to dive.

Perfect to create a room in the attic of the house with complete peace of mind

lit double flottant chambre literie originale

If you are looking for ideas to transform your interior, why not bet on suspended seating and bedding?

A bedroom with rustic decor and a hanging bed with a rough design

chambre thématique déco récup lit suspendu

Two hanging beds that bring a “fun” and pleasant side to the room

lit suspendu chambre principale des parents

A suspended bed fixed to the ceiling to develop the room of teenager

aménagement astucieux gagne-place petit appart lit suspendu

Original bedding and nice design for the room in the hotel The Five Paris

hôtel parisien literie originale suspendu bleue

When the hanging bed occupies the central place in the room

déco design chambre atypique lit suspendu

An atmosphere of rustic exoticism and romance thanks to the suspended round bed

séjour insolite ferme literie originale suspendue

The suspended bed as an original bedding perfectly transforms the mezzanine into a guest room


mezzanine chambre d'amis lit suspendu gagne-place

This suspended boat-shaped sofa becomes a nice bed on occasion

barque transformé en canapé lit suspendu séjour salon amis

An idea that will please teens to make their room modern and very personalized

ameublement idées originales chambre ados maison

Ideal for furnishing a villa in the sea, the suspended bed recalls the life of the sailors

ameublement sympa thématique maison de mer

The modestly furnished veranda with a suspended bed turned into a sofa

lit canapé suspendu dans la véranda maison d'été

Nothing beats the siesta by the pool on original bedding that floats in the air

pergola et lit suspendu dans le jardin

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