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Our futuristic kitchens very "smart"


Tomorrow’s technology and innovations have always aroused a keen interest not only for hi-tech jewelry buffs but also for the creative world of design. Innovations surround us by making our daily lives more and more practical and easy to manage. Since they are so ubiquitous, there is no reason why the kitchen does not participate in this constant movement forward.

The kitchens of tomorrow will be beautiful both inside and out

cooking of future exterieurs Here are a few lines of what our kitchens will look like in a few decades. It is difficult to predict the pace of technological progress so it is not surprising that the innovations described above reach us well before the expected delay.


An aquarium where fish lovers can raise their own favorite fish

future cooking aquarium fish First of all our future kitchens will be fully interactive with 3D technology. This is reflected, among other things, in the design of a range of appliances that take our personal information into account by analyzing our palms. By putting our hands in front of a scanner, we will be what our body needs at the moment, which products will fill a certain physical deficiency. A list of recipes with the necessary elements proposed by the scanner will then appear on a touch screen.

A beautifully designed patio photo that serves as an internal garden

patio kitchen of future Our kitchen will be our personal nutritionist giving us the index of our body fat, our heart rate, blood pressure, the rate of our cholesterol. Future kitchens will also be very “green” using renewable energy. Using glass blocks, solar light will be captured and will serve as power supply for all its equipment. In such a way, the cuisine of tomorrow will be economical and independent in terms of energy.

Future cuisine with simplified design and clean forms

wonderful future-in-white kitchen Part of the counter will be reserved for steaming the items. Tiny, almost invisible holes will come on and indicators will adjust them when the cooking temperature is reached. The steam used will not be lost since it will be turned into water to water the plants or to be used in toilet flushing.

Future cuisine with simplified design and clean forms

spacious future kitchen In any case, the kitchens of the future are promising and full of surprises. Technology is innovating and making these pieces of life more and more exciting. No doubt the future will tell us in which direction will go the kitchens of tomorrow. In the meantime, we put on the apron and we start preparing the dishes as we did until now, ie the old fashioned way.

Futuristic landscaping for this luxurious kitchen in dark wood tones and white shades.

future functional kitchen


Future kitchen with a rustic and ultramodern design

future kitchen in wood and white

A garden – kitchen garden to always have fresh herbs and spices on hand.

interior garden kitchen of future


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