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Rustic furniture for an atmosphere close to nature


The lucky ones who own a house in the countryside or a chalet in the mountains, have probably already opted for this style of interior. And rightly so!

If the primary role of a residence secondary is to transport us to another place than where we usually live, rustic furniture have much to do to create an atmosphere often diametrically opposed to that which is familiar.


Stay in a very rustic mountain chalet

ambiance montagnarde chalet courchevel luxe

This explains why it is in these types of residences that one recovers the best, that one is resourceful and that one maintains or one cultivates a privileged link with the nature. So the friendly atmosphere in such a home is almost a sine qua none. In order to create such a spirit, rustic furniture is the master piece of the puzzle.

These rustic furniture thanks to their imperfect appearance, their materials as raw as possible, will bring the decor an authenticity and a striking realism.


Rustic furniture handmade

meubles rustiques fabrication artisanale

In the following compilation, the examples will perfectly illustrate the interior design environments close to nature, often composed of exposed beams, rough stone walls and, of course, rustic hardwood furniture made by craftsmen.

What to want to spend a warm week in a cozy cottage in the Pyrenees , is not it?

Rustic furniture with a very simple appearance

cadres et meubles en bois massif chalet nature

Rustic living room with modern and classic furniture

salon rustique mobilier design unique

Rudimentary design for these rustic furniture

meubles rustiques ambiance proche nature

Superb bright and raw country house

résidence secondaire montagne rustique ameublement

Rustic wood finishes and retro rustic furniture

bois massif intérieur design rustique

Leather or textile seats in the design of yesteryear

touches rétro séjour à l'ambiance rustique

Flashback of the 80s with these rustic furniture

retour en arrière années 80 meubles rustiques couleurs

Brightly colored furniture for a rustic stay

meubles modernes ambiance massif vraie

Rustic style upholstered furniture and leather

pierre et bois pour chalet de la montagne

The must-have old-fashioned dark leather armchairs

séjour panorama splendide meubles rustiques poutres apparentes

Rustic furniture with a neat look

chalet montagne résidence secondaire esprit rustique

Unique stay at classy and classy seating

esprit rustiques meubles rustiques et moderne à la fois

Photo Credit: Bill Stengel, Edelweiss Cottage, Paul Brant Willinger, RMT Architects, Michael Woodall, Shed Architects, Goyo Photography


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