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Rustic wood interior: guarantee for warmth and well-being in a secondary house


Hardwood fans know it: nothing can replace its natural, pleasant and friendly appearance. A wood interior for a country house or a chalet in the mountains becomes a guarantee of a certain quality of life that is simple and close to nature.

A holiday home inside rustic wood and in the retro spirit

demeure secondaire campagne intérieur bois d'antan


Why do we like so much the wood interior ? Maybe because it reminds us of memories or it evokes a certain nostalgia of the old days … In any case we do not tire to look at the wooden interior design that delights us and makes us dream every time by his flawed side but so true!

An original room in the attic of a wooden secondary house

intérieur bois lit double design original

Luxury Datcha built entirely of wood and inside modern & rustic at the same time

datcha villa maison de campagne traditionnelle en bois

Perfect example of wood development of a room under the roof with a beautiful view of nature

chambre grenier intérieur bois rustique brut

Luxurious and eclectic design bathroom where wood blends harmoniously with marble and glass

grande salle de bains meuble bois & marbre

A wood interior conjugated in a beautiful rustic kitchen in the spirit of yesteryear

cuisine rustique rétro maison de campagne chalet de montagne

A great decorating idea with authentic wood that brings warmth to the children’s room

intérieur bois design scandinave minimaliste lits

A wood interior that applies even to the modern design of rustic bathrooms

salle de bain déco rustique design brut

A luxury suite of the alpine chalet Marco Polo plunges us into the prestige side of a wood interior

design déco luxe chambre suite en bois

Set up a rustic wooden room under the roof to enjoy the beautiful view

intérieur bois chambre à coucher rustique idées

In a ski chalet, the children’s room is almost always furnished with wooden bunk beds

chambre des enfants lits en bois massif

A rustic wooden house in the countryside is also characterized by its wooden exterior

véranda couverte terrasse en bois outdoor

In a completely different atmosphere, a wood interior with an industrial and eclectic sauce

lit original design en bois

Friendly and nice, the wooden interior of a pretty house puts everyone at ease


intérieur rustique en bois massif datcha maison de campagne


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