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The bedroom decoration that reflects our feelings


Everyone knows that the bedroom is an important place because we spend a lot of time in it even though most of this time has passed passively.

Minimalist and minimalist room decoration

Décoration de chambre minimaliste et épurée


However, one must feel at ease, hence the importance given to the choice of colors and decorations provided for this piece. Even though it’s space is highly private and is not meant to be exposed to the eyes of others, it reflects more or less our emotions.

Spacious room highlighted by wooden decorative keys

Chambre spacieuse mise en valeur par les touches déco en bois

So by choosing the room decoration , our subconscious speaks to us and tells us what we need to be balanced.

This is why shades generally favored for this space such as white, gray or beige can have an unfavorable impact on a person who lacks energy. The opposite is just as valid – a brightly colored bedroom decoration can stimulate a personality that should seek to relieve pressure and rest.

Original bedroom decoration with oriental accents

Décoration de chambre originale aux accents orientaux

Here are some decorating ideas that can inspire to a sober or more loaded room decoration according to our intuition and moment emotions.

Interesting mix of style, colors and decor

Mélange intéressant de style, couleurs et déco

Bedroom – decoration in gray and white

Chambre à coucher – décoration en gris et blanc

Fuchsia keys in artistic decoration of this room

Touches fuchsia en décoration artistique de cette chambre

Various shapes in white and black for decoration

Formes diverses en blanc et noir pour la déco

Unusual room decoration in purple

Décoration inhabituelle de chambre en violet


Decoration in red and gold – room class atmosphere

Décoration en rouge et or - ambiance classe de la chambre


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