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The central island: the heart of the kitchen


Like everything around us – design knows its own trends and trends. The pieces are constantly changing to better serve. As a result, there have been changes in all aspects of the habitat.

Of course cooking does not escape this natural progress. Since a few years we see a new element that becomes essential for any kitchen that wants to the taste of the day. It is a central kitchen island .


Ilot trend in yellow for a bright kitchen

central kitchen island in yellow

Besides the fact that it can be a very nice attribute of kitchen furniture, the central island can also perform multiple tasks. Built-in drawer storage, built-in sink or hotplate, delineating dining area, convenient countertop – its multifunctionality is simply amazing.

Central island and counter with integrated cupboards

central island all wood

In the selection that follows the central island comes in versions as different as each other: colorful, minimalist design, elegant shapes etc.

The pictures as well as the islands follow each other but are not alike!

Central island all in white which acts as counter

central island kitchen minimalist design

Double jobs for this island – worktop and counter at once

central island of cuisine at two heights

Work plan and counter: we can discuss while cooking

central island kitchen yellow peps

Traditional style for this central island

traditional look for this kitchen island

Clean design and contemporary look in white and light wood

central kitchen island in white and wood

Central island all white with integrated electric plate and sink

kitchen and island all in white

Imposing and multifunctional island for this modern kitchen

imposing central island of spacious kitchen

Central island with an original appearance

design and originality for this central island

Island with double jobs: worktop / counter

wooden kitchen island and white suspension

All in wood, integrated sink and spot lighting

central kitchen island in wooden batten

Central island arranged in an interesting way

central island with the original layout


Ilot double integrated sink in white and wood

central kitchen island in white and wood

Central island is present in kitchens with a more classic design

central island for traditional kitchen design

The most widespread declination of the central island – worktop / countertop

minimalist central kitchen island

The central island to look sober and minimalist

uncluttered island for a city kitchen


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