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The Chesterfield sofa – a British touch in your stay


We all know the classic image of the leather padded sofa , arranged in an office full of luxurious books and invites to sit on it. A glass of pure malt whiskey in hand, Cuban cigar in mouth and Chesterfield sofa . The latter is in a way the English furniture par excellence.

Original fully upholstered sofa

Canapé de design original entièrement capitonné


With its paces and features related to the aristocracy, the Chesterfield sofa evoke different images.

Today, the upholstery that characterizes it is combined in all forms of furniture. Leather is no longer the default material used to make a Chesterfield sofa – there are also textile fabrics, leather, velvet and so on.

Chesterfield classic white sofa

Canapé Chesterfield classique en blanc

In all cases and compared to other seating of this type, this sofa is more complex furniture to achieve. To this must be added the use of noble materials which increase the working time and consequently the cost of the product.

Classic brown leather upholstery

Le classicisme du capitonnage en cuir marron

Since the sofa is the center piece in a living room , here are some pictures of upholstered sofas in different colors and styles.

The Chesterfield sofa will transport us easily in the air of the British colonial power of yesteryear.

Chesterfield sofa in navy blue fabric

Canapé Chesterfield en tissu bleu marine


Gray sofa with padded back

Canapé gris au dossier capitonné

Two-seater padded seat

Assise deux places capitonnée

Beautiful Chesterfield sofa in lime green

Beau canapé Chesterfield en vert citron


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