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The modern equipped and over-optimized kitchenette


Nowadays spacious homes with many square meters are increasingly difficult to access. However, many small apartments and extremely well-appointed rooms are emerging especially in large cities with large populations.

Kitchen green landscaped anais


Designing a functional and practical habitat while gaining space and optimizing the limited available space is a real challenge that some come up with some panache with amazing tips. A kitchenette or a small kitchen are provided for small living spaces such as small apartments, student rooms, not very large studios, fireplace rooms, hotel studios etc.

Fully equipped kitchenette

Even if in terms of comfort the small kitchen can not be measured against its big sister, it is true that the models presented below are pretty, practical and very complete. They give the possibility to prepare a small meal where this possibility is not always obligatory.

Pretty little kitchen done all in gray

In DIY and furniture stores, various models are available for sale. Even some cooks start responding to market demands. The price for a kitchenette starts from 250 euros (self-assembly) and it occupies no more than 6 m².

Beautiful little kitchen done in white

If, however, you have an atypical apartment, you will need to call in a specialist who will design your custom kitchen .

In any case, this small kitchen is an excellent alternative for small spaces or for housing intended to be occupied by people passing for a limited period of time.

Pretty modern kitchenette in red

Small kitchen arranged in a well arranged studio


Kitchenette that fits in a single closet

Small equipped kitchen

Small kitchen done up all in wood

Practical and multifunctional kitchenette

Beautiful modern fitted kitchen

Small kitchen and very functional

Nice kitchenette with compact design

Compact fitted kitchen

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