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The personalized and artisanal decoration in baby


You are soon happy parents and you say it’s time to get into the nursery and start to find decorating ideas to welcome him into a sweet and original universe in which he will flourish.
Think of a personalized decoration with his name, very trendy we found on many sites: cushions cocooning or even door plate your child growing up will be very fond of seeing his name eternalized on a creation!

Some parents apprentices decorators already have a specific theme in mind for his room, there is the pirate theme very popular with little boys, the jungle decor for adventurers or even a more sober and soft decor like the theme forest with animals woods, red mushrooms with white dots reminiscent of stories related to childhood.
If you do not have a particular theme mix a sleek and poetic style like birdcages, sheep or moving clouds.


If you are looking for personalized and unique products, think of an artisanal decoration you will find at the creator unusual decorative objects that we find no other and that will give the stamp to his room!

original baby decoration


Image Credit: Sugarcake Creations


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